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1.How to take care of your bag?
In certain climates, any leather product requires special care. Before the first outing we recommend treating the bag with moisture impregnation, repeating the procedure every month. It will protect the leather from absorption of rain or wet snow, and therefore deformation of the product, stains and bloat
Any impregnation against moisture (from budget to premium) will do, which before application should be shaken for 10 seconds and applied from a distance of 15-20 cm intermittent movements to the bag. Allow to dry for 1 hour.

Bags used frequently, in addition to a protective spray against moisture, should also be cleaned and moisturized with special creams/waxes. We like to call this spa treatments - they help the product look great and stay in service for a long time. You can do it yourself or use the services of professional cleaners (workshops, dry cleaners).

Bolt bags should be stored in cotton slipcovers (allowing for air flow, which is very important for leather bags), before doing so fill them with paper or any kind of filler to keep their shape, giving them enough shelf space

2. What does small-scale production mean and how does it affect quality?
In our production each bag is made by hand. We have several full-cycle craftsmen who make the product from the cutting to the last stitch. The craftsman is responsible for the entire process from the very beginning and is responsible for the quality, which affects the result.

Thanks to our own production, we have the opportunity to constantly improve and modernize the design of products. For example, to produce products in even more premium leather, adding a bag suede lining or additional pockets. Unlike a large factory, we are more focused on quality and the customer's experience with our products than on quantity.

Small-scale production allows us to create a comfortable environment for the craftsmen, which affects their attitude to the business. Our workshop is located in the historical center of Moscow, equipped with modern equipment, professional tables, tools, environmentally friendly light (for the health of the staff), including daylight.

We are open and everyone who comes to us for a bag can see with their own eyes the conditions under which it was created. This attitude and creative atmosphere seems to us to be extremely important for everyone.
3. How is the delivery with a fitting done?
At the moment, delivery with a sample is only available in Russia. To order delivery you can write to us on WhatsApp, Telegram +7 (916) 756-82-12

After confirming the address, we will send you a courier with several products and you have 15 minutes to select the appropriate bag, then the payment is made.

Delivery in the regions is carried out by the company SDEK - courier comes to you SDEK, you have 15 minutes to try on, then you pay for the selected item.
4. What do I do if I want a bag and it's out of stock?
You can place a pre-order by sending us a message on Telegram, WhatsApp +7 (916) 756-82-12
5. Is it possible to make the bag in another color?
You can, if this color will be available from the supplier of leather. Additional fee for individual order 3000 RUB

Contact us on WhatsApp, telegram +7 (916) 756-82-12
6. What should I do if I scratched my bag?
If it is not a manufacturing defect, we recommend contacting a leather repair and restoration shop
If you can't find an answer to your question, —Āontact us at +7 (915) 409-42-75; +7 (916) 756-82-12 or by e-mail at

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