Care and warranty

Natural leather tends to stretch under the weight of heavy objects, so avoid excessive strain

When the bag is filled to over 30%, use all the handles provided. For loads over 50%, avoid the sudden pulling up of the bag by the handles.

When closing and opening the zip, avoid sudden movements. Gentle, steady pulling of the slider will extend the zipper's lifespan. Avoid excessive filling of the bag with the zip, which may cause the zipper to become loose and disorderly

Disproportionate weight and unequal distribution of items in the bag may cause the product to become unstable, distort, deteriorate and wear out prematurely

Avoid getting the product wet and soaked through. Excessive wetting will cause the leather to lose its appearance, become deformed and become rough. Bags made of fibrous materials (suede, nubuck, velour, pile fabrics) should preferably not be worn or protected carefully in wet, damp weather.

Failure to maintain the temperature (below -10°C) for patent leather, (below -20°C) synthetic leather, (below -30/35°C) natural leather may cause cracks, tears or split ends, which is considered a breach of the operating rules.

Avoid contact of the product with chemicals and solvents, grease and cosmetics stains. Perfume may also stain the handbag indelibly. Protect the bag from wet wipes, whose composition inevitably causes blistering on the outside.

IMPORTANT: Always handle the product with care and avoid mechanical damage or scratches - these may not always be repairable


We recommend impregnating the leather with a special care product before use to increase its resistance to moisture. If soiled, use leather care products, cleaning and polishing cloths in accordance with the instructions.
Before you use these, test them on an inconspicuous part of the interior of the bag.

IMPORTANT: To avoid damaging the appearance of your handbag, do not use rough brushes or abrasives as they may scratch the surface. Do not let wet wipes come into contact with the leather bag, as they may corrode the leather and cause stains (blistering) on the front of the bag. Do not expose the bag to wet wipes which may cause irreparable damage to the leather.

Leather should be especially protected from direct sunlight, glare and high temperatures. Excessive heat (fire, radiators) can damage the leather and cause discolouration and coarsening of the grain. Do not use leather products in humid, wet, rain or snowy conditions. Should a leather bag become wet, immediately wipe it with a dry cloth or a soft cloth.

Any accidental spillage should be wiped dry immediately, before the liquid is absorbed (tea, coffee, juice, splashes from the car, any liquid). Always carry a soft cloth of the same colour as the bag or a leather cleaning cloth

IMPORTANT: Never dry leather goods by direct heat sources (radiator, fireplace, heater, hair dryer). Drying only at room temperature, always apply dry paper before use in order to absorb moisture immediately and to maintain shape

IMPORTANT: Never use stain removers or bleach. Dry cleaning is not recommended
Natural suede should be cared for with a special rubber brush and aerosol suede care products.

Please note, using an unprofessional tool can ruin your hands by damaging the covering, which is considered a misuse.

IMPORTANT: Do not get the leather wet when cleaning your garment


Store leather goods in a cool, dry place at room temperature, away from sources of moisture, heating appliances, and hot air. Do not expose the leather to direct sunlight - dyes on leather products may be sensitive to light (fading or discolouration)

To keep the bag in its original shape, you should fill it with dry paper or special padding and wrap it in a BOLT cotton duster of a suitable size that you receive when you buy it.

Place the bag on a shelf so that no external pressure is exerted on it, as this may cause the bag to lose its shape

When packing the bag in a cotton duster, make sure there are no creases on the bag and straighten them out if necessary. Bags with stiff handles should be stored in an upright position, avoiding deformation.


The warranty period for travel bags, sports bags, men's and ladies' leather bags is 50 days from the date of sale.

The warranty does not cover defects caused by improper use:

- negligent maintenance and care;
- mechanical damage;
- improper storage;
- exceeding 4 kg payload
- misuse of the product.

Not regarded as defective:

- Wrinkles and irregularities in the leather
- exact match of leather pattern on parts of one bag
- colour of the bag does not match the colour of the photo on the customer's monitor (this may be due to the product's individual settings)
- stains and blisters caused by improper care and negligent operation
- natural wear and tear of the leather over time - wrinkles, scratches, abrasions, deformations;
-Tears in the lining where there is no seam;
-loss of fittings secured with screws;

Loss of light-coloured leather tints from dark-coloured clothing (jeans, denim jackets, etc.).

IMPORTANT: When submitting a quality claim, please retain the packaging of the product and the proof of purchase at the point of purchase for the entire warranty period of the bag
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